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League of Legends dravenIn some cases the need for a Legends coach comes with the desire to get noticed by a LoL academy looking to recruit new gamers to add to their roster of esports athletes. Some simply stream and promote their games in social media platforms to attract millions of players who watch the games. They want to know the most popular role that is right for them. In many cases, players who do so simply want to find out what to do in every stage or level of the game.

Popular Social Media Sites Best for League of Legends and Other Video Games

League of LegendsPlayers can learn the different mechanics and strategies of League of Legends just by constantly watching the real time games being streamed by topnotch gamers in social mediate outlets. However, there are certain aspects of gaming that have significance in becoming professional players that you can learn only from professional coaches, such as

1. Setting one’s self for sustainable success by building good habits.

2. Learning how to push to the limit one’s mastery of techniques and strategies.

3. Getting moral support when experiencing setbacks and defeat in ways that motivate players to improve rather than indulge in self-doubt.

Anyway the most popular social media sites where video gamers upload or stream their games are the following:

Twitch – This platform is undoubtedly the most widely used for real time streaming of video games being played online. Based on Statista’s third quarter report in 2022, there were as many as 5.71 billion hours spent by some 31 million active gamers watching the streamed games. This denotes that if you’re a brand advertiser whose target potential buyers are young audiences, Twitch is the perfect social media platform in which to display your adverts.

YouTube is another highly influential social media channel for promoting and marketing games and performances of popular gamers and gaming coaches. One of the benefits of using YouTube as one’s tool for promoting and for streaming live gaming videos is the potential to rank at the top of Google’s search results by ranking high in keywords, especially if the keywords used appear in organic searches. That is why many professional gaming coaches and self-professed gurus demonstrate their skills by way of YouTube videos.

Facebook – Statista reported in the first quarter of 2023, more than 2.98 billion gamers across the globe visited the FB social media accounts of their favourite games. The FB LoL page alone has more than 17 million LoL players subscribing to the FB platform.

Instagram is the social media channel in which to show visuals of their game as part of a promotional campaign.
At Instagram, gamers can share stories, capture interesting gaming moments by way of Instagram Reels or let other gamers and recruiters find them via Instagram’s Explore section. Instagram’s visual-sharing features have been enhanced by the addition of IGTV in which players upload videos that stay on a more permanent basis.